Wurm Online World Map (Home Server)

As it existed as of the last backup in January 2007.

1 tile = 1 square km
clicking on a tile opens that tile (zoomed) in a new window.

For those who are remotely curious: Another 30 minutes put to nothing productive :)
-- Matt Campbell [javaunlimited.net]

-- Adapted to Gold Map by Glorpax
1 1x1 2x1 3x1 4x1 5x1 6x1 7x1 8x1 9x1 10x1 11x1 12x1 13x1 14x1 15x1 16x1
2 1x2 2x2 3x2 4x2 5x2 6x2 7x2 8x2 9x2 10x2 11x2 12x2 13x2 14x2 15x2 16x2
3 1x3 2x3 3x3 4x3 5x3 6x3 7x3 8x3 9x3 10x3 11x3 12x3 13x3 14x3 15x3 16x3
4 1x4 2x4 3x4 4x4 5x4 6x4 7x4 8x4 9x4 10x4 11x4 12x4 13x4 14x4 15x4 16x4
5 1x5 2x5 3x5 4x5 5x5 6x5 7x5 8x5 9x5 10x5 11x5 12x5 13x5 14x5 15x5 16x5
6 1x6 2x6 3x6 4x6 5x6 6x6 7x6 8x6 9x6 10x6 11x6 12x6 13x6 14x6 15x6 16x6
7 1x7 2x7 3x7 4x7 5x7 6x7 7x7 8x7 9x7 10x7 11x7 12x7 13x7 14x7 15x7 16x7
8 1x8 2x8 3x8 4x8 5x8 6x8 7x8 8x8 9x8 10x8 11x8 12x8 13x8 14x8 15x8 16x8
9 1x9 2x9 3x9 4x9 5x9 6x9 7x9 8x9 9x9 10x9 11x9 12x9 13x9 14x9 15x9 16x9
10 1x10 2x10 3x10 4x10 5x10 6x10 7x10 8x10 9x10 10x10 11x10 12x10 13x10 14x10 15x10 16x10
11 1x11 2x11 3x11 4x11 5x11 6x11 7x11 8x11 9x11 10x11 11x11 12x11 13x11 14x11 15x11 16x11
12 1x12 2x12 3x12 4x12 5x12 6x12 7x12 8x12 9x12 10x12 11x12 12x12 13x12 14x12 15x12 16x12
13 1x13 2x13 3x13 4x13 5x13 6x13 7x13 8x13 9x13 10x13 11x13 12x13 13x13 14x13 15x13 16x13
14 1x14 2x14 3x14 4x14 5x14 6x14 7x14 8x14 9x14 10x14 11x14 12x14 13x14 14x14 15x14 16x14
15 1x15 2x15 3x15 4x15 5x15 6x15 7x15 8x15 9x15 10x15 11x15 12x15 13x15 14x15 15x15 16x15
16 1x16 2x16 3x16 4x16 5x16 6x16 7x16 8x16 9x16 10x16 11x16 12x16 13x16 14x16 15x16 16x16